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Benefits of CRT

Can CRT Help Me?

The simple answer is “YES!” …you and your entire family – children included (infants too)!

Many people, with a wide variety of health problems, have been helped using Cranial Release Technique. As
the body is returned to optimum function it becomes possible for true healing and repair to begin. Often times,
even chronic problems have responded well to the CRT approach after more conventional methods have

Cranial Release Technique practitioners consider themselves to be facilitators of “Releasing” the body’s own
inborn capacity to heal and be well. Once this goal has been achieved you are in the best position possible for
relief & healing to occur.

Please consult your local CRT practitioner for more detailed information regarding your particular health

What About Wellness Care?

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the Cranial Release program is its ability to restore and enhance
wellness. We live in stressful times. Many articles have appeared in major publications over the past years
detailing the negative effects of the stress of modern day life and today’s fast paced lifestyles.

This chronic stress presents a host of challenges to the normal function of the body. The nervous system goes
into overdrive and harmful chemicals produced in response to the stress are produced by the body. Over time
this “stress state” can be very damaging, not only to physical, but to mental health as well.

Initial investigation into Cranial Release Technique and its effect on Heart Rate Variability (medically
recognized as an indicator of stress) have indicated that CRT has a positive effect on reversing this abnormal
“stress state”. This investigation reflects the positive effects often reported by CRT patients/clients. Many
people report feeling much more “relaxed and at ease” following a CRT session. A sense of “balance and
more peace” is noticed as they go through the day.

At any given point in time, your body is either in a mode of protection and survival or a mode of healing and
regeneration. CRT can help to facilitate a return to healing, repair and regeneration making it an ideal part of
your overall wellness program.